Recommendations for writing a research

Take a summer vacation to research

You still have a full school year to write a bachelor’s or master’s thesis, but start as soon as possible. While this does not seem to be the case, the duties will begin to accumulate quickly at the beginning of September and some important terms will easily escape in addition to learning for exams and credits. Take advantage of the summer holidays and prepare one of the basic points of your bachelor and diploma-quality research.

Personally and electronically

You can request a search by mail or stop in the library in person. It is no secret that the queen of literature is in this case Matice ceska. The advantage is that if you come in person, you will get a search immediately.

And how does the entire search system work? The librarian enters the system with the required data, that is, the title of the job, which searches in the database of all registered books for those that touch on the desired topics.

The system is more complicated from year to year, and the student himself would not have the chance to create an overview in the list of hundreds of thousands and find what he needs. This is where the help of the research is. If you have chosen a less traditional theme, the search will help you find those books from which you can draw.

If you find the list of literature slim, don’t worry. Ask for an extended list of literature in English. Luck will definitely not miss you and you will have more than enough books. By the way, the search does not have to be just books.

On the topic of the diploma thesis you can find a summary of a number of periodicals, professional articles, electronic texts, even elaborated bachelor’s and master’s theses with which your colleagues have troubled.

The advantage of the search remains that you can get it for free or just for a symbolic fee.

Start with the request form

If you have avoided the preparation of your searches, because you have panic from endless forms and clerks, you can calm down. In fact, getting a search is quite simple. When you arrive at the library, you only need to type in a request form with your personal information and the desired search phrase. It works similarly to SEO in the world of the internet, searching for works whose name or content refers to the issue.

The moment you have a search in your hand, it’s time to sit down for a good coffee and start searching for individual works. Choose those whose content richly refers to the topic of your bachelor’s or master’s thesis and you can draw on it. You can pick up and order books that are in demand or appear in small quantities on the book market.

What about him

Maybe your bachelor’s topic didn’t fit you because you left her choice at the last minute, or all the simpler topics got caught up. If you feel that you are not familiar with the assignment, take your search with your consultant.

Use it to navigate all recommended literary sources. Your consultant will give you the best advice on which books and periodicals to begin to get to work. Summer holidays are in front of you, so take the time not only to rest, work or travel, but also a little “work” so that you have this duty behind you at the beginning of the year.